Our 5 recommended hot topics in March


At Espai Societat Oberta we continue our commitment to promote initiatives, collectives and organisations working on human rights. During February, we collected related content covering different issues including discrimination, digital sovereignty and displacement due to the climate crisis.

This March we propose readings, podcasts and videos that raise relevant issues such as the digital footprint, freedom of expression and racism.

Here are our top 5 topics!

The state of Racism in Catalonia

Recently published by (In)Visibles, The State of Racism in Catalonia by SOS Racisme, the twelfth edition of the report; is a document produced and published to make racism visible through the public denunciation of aggressions and discriminatory situations. This year it deals with major issues such as cases of structural racism increased by the COVID19 pandemic, or violence and repression in relation to access to housing. We would also like to take this opportunity to recommend that you follow the #PareuDePararme campaign in which the Open Society Foundations participated with SOS Racisme.

#MetziRadio, community and personal experiences


Do you know Metzineres? It is an organisation that offers shelter for women and gender-dissident people who use drugs and survive violence. Located in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, in the last few weeks they have created a radio station with Teatre Arnau Itinerant 2020, RavalTep and Vidda Priego. Be sure not to miss the MetziRadio podcasts, covering a range of diverse topics including maternity, the right to health, drugs and homelessness.

How to reduce your digital footprint?

Have you ever thought about the “carbon footprint” of watching videos online or sending emails? What do digital activities have to do with the climate emergency? Come in and find out what the digital footprint is and how to reduce it with the Data Detox Kit!

Freedom of expression in pandemic

Whistleblowers, human rights defenders, journalists, activists, artists, lawyers and researchers denounce abuses and irregularities in the course of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Don’t miss the videos of the Behind The Mask conferences organised by the Disruption Network Lab in Berlin!

Clothes to combat surveillance

Several artists have long been studying the potential of clothing and accessories to challenge an authoritarian surveillance state. We’re talking about jackets, umbrellas or masks to block the ways in which our bodies are scanned, measured and tracked daily by machines – are you interested? Read this article on countersurveillance wearables in Believer Mag!

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