Our 5 recommended hot topics in February

At Espai Societat Oberta we believe in collaboration and synergies between organisations and groups working on Human Rights. We like to organise events, talks and activities together with other social actors, as we’ve doing so since we started.

While our physical space in Barcelona is still closed due to the health measures  of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have organised several online initiatives that you can find here on the blog or on our Youtube channel.

We’ve started 2021 with a lot of enthusiasm and energy to continue working for the defence of rights and freedoms; and making visible the voice of the collectives that claim their right to a dignified life and for a technology that respects Human Rights. This is why,  as we prepare the next events, we present a new initiative. From this point onwards we will compile five monthly talking points that we like and are aligned with the work as the Espai Societat Oberta. We will suggest articles, documentaries, guides, podcasts or reports from collectives, organisations or citizen initiatives that we think you will like and are important, so that they do not go unnoticed.

Here are our top 5 topics!

End discrimination

We reference The Human Rights Guide to investigate racial and religious discrimination in the fight against terrorism in Europe. This guide is the result of a two-year collaboration between Amnesty International and the Open Society Foundations Initiative for Europe. It is designed to provide activists and practitioners with tools to combat discrimination against Muslims. It also proposes a way to redress human rights violations against survivors.

Achieving digital sovereignty

We introduce a conversation between Denis Jaromil Roio and Lucia Conti  that will not leave you indifferent. Who holds the power over our data? What are we consenting to when we accept all the legal notices we don’t read?

Human Rights Violations at the Southern Border

© Irídia

Recently, Irídia – Centro por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos- has published this report supported by more than 50 organisations on the situation of migrants in Gran Canaria and Melilla.  Are international human rights laws being violated? How to create legal and safe migratory routes? Be sure to read this detailed report.

Climate Displaced

© Natalia G. Vargas

We reccomend an article describing those climate displaced persons, caught in a legal vacuum in the face of upcoming mass migration due to an irreversible phenomenon. In this piece the World Bank claims in nine years the impacts of the climate crisis could push 100 million people into poverty.

Fleeing for being trans


Be sure to listen to the testimony of Ayman, a young Moroccan transgender man who lives in Girona. Having fled his country because transgender people are punished with prison sentences, his arrival in Catalonia involves sleeping rough on the beach. We then hear the story of how his life evolves, little by little

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