Societat Oberta is a space to share views on Human Rights, democracy, freedom of speech, migration and no discrimination. It is meant to serve citizens, local activists and organizations, and social movements committed to the defence of rights and liberties. Its goal is to be a space for debates, trainings, critical reflection, discovery, and exchange of experiences and strategies.

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Què és l’Espai Societat Oberta?

Debate Derechos Digitales: ¿Por qué hablamos de privacidad y COVID19?

Debate: ¿Cómo proteger los derechos civiles durante y después del Estado de Alarma?

Debate: Brechas Digitales y educación inclusiva

Debate: Justicia Global y el mundo que queremos: aprendizajes de una pandemia

Debate: Reflexiones PostCovid19, ¿hacia dónde vamos como sociedad?

Debate: ¿Cómo nos estamos organizando desde la ciudadanía activa?

Inauguració cicle El futur ja és aquí: ètica, tecnologia i drets humans

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Debate Migrations and Algorithms, technology & data policy at Europe borders

Presentació de Com Hub amb Komons

PODCAST – Debat: Migrations and Algorithms. Technology & data policy at Europe borders

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Noves tàctiques digitals i estratègies narratives

Feminismes en línia: autoprotecció digital

PODCAST – Ciutats intel·ligents, la ciutat gestionada per dades

PODCAST – Feminismes en línia: autoprotecció digital

PODCAST – Videojocs, un element per a la transformació social?

Videojocs, un element per a la transformació social?

Noves formes de participacio ciutadana (COMPLET)

The Espai is not just a physical space; it is designed with the future in mind – for events organized with journalists who want to be trained and to explain their views about our society, and for debates among activists, organizations, and social movements that are devoted to changing the city for the better.

Our events aim to promote issues such as:

Human Rights: We support organizations, movements, and activists working at all levels – local, national and international – to defence human rights. 

Democracy: We are committed to greater democratic participation in policymaking. We believe democratic governance must be transparent, inclusive, and accountable to the people. 

Freedom of speech: We encourage visitors to discuss how to strengthen speech rights and to explore how free speech can promote values such as pluralism and diversity

Migrants Rights: We believe in defending the rights of migrants and supporting those activists and journalists who document cases where migrants’ rights were violated or ignored. We also support projects focused on integrating into their new host countries.

Antidiscrimination: We support all efforts to call out and uproot structural racism, and we seek to provide a forum where activists who monitor and organize against racism and discrimination can meet and exchange ideas. 

En un acte a l'interior de l'Espai Societat Oberta, una gran quantiat de persones seuen a les grades i a les cadires; escolten a tres ponents i miren a la pantalla.

The Espai is open to both artistic and civic projects, can be adapted to host events ranging from workshops, presentations, and seminars to photo exhibitions, roundtables, and more.

The Espai Societat Oberta is open to anyone who wants to promote democracy, tolerance, and respect for human rights.

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